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Are we musically pre-conditioned by hollywood with music, sound and emotion?

26 Oct 2011 / in 2011, AEE Forum

Forum on Music , Movies and Emotion by AEE Vice-President Kevin Gladstone.

How to build a Headphone Amplifier for $10 and a deeper dive into circuit and analysis

25 Oct 2011 / in 2011, AEE Forum

This AEE forum by Stephen Zajac starts with why you need a headphone amplifier and dives deeper into the design from impedance matching and distortion to power supply design. A lab that will follow gives students the opportunity to build a CMOY headphone amp that can fit in an Altoids can.


Speaker Design and Guitar Tone Factors

18 Oct 2011 / in 2011, Musical Instruments, Speakers

An update on AEE’s Speaker Design Project by Team Leader Stephen Zajac

Rob Pollum presenting a forum on guitar tone factors.

Leadership and Team Building, Analog Synthesizer and Isolation Table Design

10 Oct 2011 / in 2011, Musical Instruments, Synth

Rachelle addresses AEE members about leadership.

Ryan Bliton shows some components of a modular Analog Synthesizer. This is a proposed AEE project for the fall semester.

Werner Dahm presents a forum on the Design of an Isolation Table Design

Isolation Table Presentation http://bit.ly/riOLQg

Here is the Turntable Vibration Isolation Tool http://bit.ly/o6EZdT

Steve Wozniak delivers a speech at Michigan State University

08 May 2011 / in 2011, Events

icon-Steve-Wozniak-at-MSU-AEE-150x150What a great time! Steve Wozniak spoke in the MSU Engineering Building, Room 1345, the room in which all electrical engineering students start their mornings. From 8:00am until the 6:00pm Circuit Design Class, ECE 201, 202, 302, 402 students flock to this room every other day for over 2 years.

I came in to see the WOZ about 40 seconds late, since I thought a rock star engineer would be fashionably late plus I needed to finalize the letter I wrote to him. But no, he was right on time! I came in through the loud applause and a standing ovation from about 300 people. I walked right to Eric T. who had saved me the front row seat as he usually does at music shows. Rachelle joined me on the left wearing an MSU cut up shirt with the EE bar crawl logo looking great. I sat in the front row looking right at Mr. Wozniak, the actuator of our time, and a creator of the personal computer.

Even though he was rushed away shortly after his speech, we all felt the rock show experience. Everyone in the room had a great time. We really would have liked to take Steve to Crunchy’s Bar on Grand River to show him the MSU night life and why East Lansing is the place to be in spring time. Instead we were given the experience of soaking in his words, and granted the once in a lifetime opportunity to ask the Great Woz questions in our house.


Some questions to Steve were great, while some were incomplete thoughts that Wozniak did his best with. “Everything is possible people!” That was his main message to the students who came to see him. I was truly hoping he was going to announce a new US Festival, and this time, that he was going to do it right! With MSU’s own Naiswan opening, and AEE working the pro sound gear. To have Radiohead one day, and Pink Floyd the next would be an amazing time.

Bellow is a photo Rachelle took of Steve Wozniak that looks amazing in the room where engineering students call home. For a lot of reasons I wanted to say thank you to Steve for coming to MSU and inspiring exploration of ideas, hunches, and pursuing the fulfillment of the wants and needs of people. His talk made me realize the connection between art and engineering. They both are about building something and having that becoming better than you (the artist or the engineer ) intended. Just like Steve and the personal computer. Here he is in room 1345 EB MSU! Go green! Go Woz!


Here is a video someone recorded from the audience in the crowd of Steve talking about Apple being the best company in the world.

Also here is a great video produced by MSU’s own Russ Green

Michigan State University Design Day 2011 Guitar Pedal team

06 May 2011 / in 2011, Design Day, Events

Michigan State University Design Day 2011

06 May 2011 / in 2011, Design Day, Events

Guitar Pedals Project Live Demo

21 Apr 2011 / in 2011, AEE Forum, Musical Instruments

[From 4/14/11 General Meeting]

Live guitar signal though four great builds. The Guitar Pedal Team demos four of their completed pedal kits from generalguitargadgets.com.

Pedals demoed:
Tycobrahe Octavia
Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer
EA Tremolo
MXR Phase 45

Audio RF Transmitter Project

21 Apr 2011 / in 2011, AEE Forum, RF

[From 4/14/11 General Meeting]

RF Transmitter demo from AEE’s RF Transmitter Team. Jeff Stoller shows the range of the transmitter and explains some steps the team took to build the kit.

Amp plus Speaker and Theremin Projects

14 Apr 2011 / in 2011, AEE Forum, Musical Instruments

First video: Steve Zajac gives a very informative forum on his design of the upcoming $50 amp and speaker project. He gives a lot of great information on speaker design revolving around the Dayton ND90-8 driver.

Second Video: Dr. Wierzba shows off and explains how a theremin works. The theremin shown is a Theremax Theremin built by the AEE Theremin Team.

Third Video: AEE Guitar Pedal Team demonstrates a few guitar pedals using live guitar sound and an oscilloscope to show the change of guitar signal. These pedal kits were bought from generalguitargadgets.com and built by AEE.

Pedals in video: Tycobrahe Octavia, Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer, Improved EA Tremolo and MXR Phase 45.


Orange Squeezer Guitar Pedal Forum

05 Apr 2011 / in 2011, AEE Forum, Musical Instruments

Awesome! Here is a video of of last weeks (3/31/11) Orange Squeezer guitar effect pedal Forum. Great forum with great guitar playing by AJ Domzalski and presentation by Dr. Wierzba. The Orange Squeezer pedal was a GeneralGuitarGadgets.com kit built by AEE’s Guitar Pedal Team!

Presentation: 0:00-7:22 Demo: 7:23-end

Gretsch CVT Guitar
General Guitar Gadgets Orange Squeezer Clone- Built by AEE Guitar Pedal Team
Fender Champ tube amp- Built by AEE Tube Amp Team